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Everyone wants to live a healthier life free from any diseases but the human body doesn't have the privilege to do that. Every single person has experienced more than one illness no matter how hard they try to avoid it and their heath gets disrupted at many points in their lifetime. Everything that a person can do is to avoid this mishap and try to live in a better environment and get proper treatment when we get ill. However, it is a totally different story when we can avoid a variety of mishaps to health by just avoiding an addiction-free lifestyle. However, we all come to learn and get the chance to experience in our lifetime is that people knowingly consume certain products like drugs or tobacco that are harmful and dangerous for the body but can allow them to enter in a state of euphoria momentarily.

Krish Nasha Mukti Kendra is a well-known establishment or nasha mukti kendra in parwanoo that helps people to get rid of their addiction for nearly a decade. Being patient-centered we have worked to treat our patients earnestly for all these years and have achieved more than expected results. We monitor the patients and facilitate them in the proper environment to rehabilitate.

We all come to acknowledge the fact that it is not guaranteed that living a healthy lifestyle can lead to a good life, on the other hand introducing your body to substances like drugs, tobacco, and alcohol can ruin your health and lifestyle and that much is certain. You can't avoid diseases all your life but you can avoid these harmful addictive products as long as you have the will and the right kind of help of nasha mukti kendra in parwanoo.


However, it is not easy for some people who got addicted to the moment of false euphoria to quit and as a result, their life gets wrecked and as a result -

  • People like that not only get their livelihood destroyed but also disrupt the lifestyle of people around them. It is also a well-known fact that daily consumption of alcohol and tobacco can cause cancer and we all have an idea of how devastating cancer can be.

  • Addicts can lose their job, family, and friends, and also their social life. Addiction to alcohol in many cases had led to home violence as people lost their sense of reasoning after getting drunk.

  • Overdosing is also an issue with addicts which leads to death in many cases so now you can get a picture in your head of how bad things could be if you get addicted to the likes of drugs and alcohol.


Fortunately, there is a way for the people who do not want to give in to the momentary pleasure and desire to get their life on the right track. No matter how hopeless it is, as long as they want freedom from these addictions there are a lot of establishments that are willing to help you. These establishments which treat patients who got addicted to drugs or alcohol are referred to as rehabilitation centers. Providing one of the best treatments for addiction and addiction-related disorders in the body is Krish Nasha Mukti Kendra. We have been treating addicts for years and have accumulated a lot of experience and fame in this field. So if you are looking for a nasha mukti kendra in parwanoo, you are more than welcome to visit us.


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who we are

Nasha Mukti Kendra
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We must first learn as for what is the purpose of establishments like our Nasha Mukti Kendra In Parwaano and what do we deal with and they are mentioned below:-

● A large part of the population in India is addicted to either tobacco or alcohol. Despite knowing how harmful it can be to the human body, people still continue to consume it. On consumption, these substances trick the brain in order to facilitate your body with a moment of euphoria.

● On the other hand, youth these days are more prone to getting addicted to drugs than the elderly due to a lack of awareness. Addiction to drugs can be more deadly than getting addicted to alcohol or tobacco because in the case of drugs even a little bit of overdose can be fatal.

● It goes without saying that getting addicted to either of these products will destroy your life. There are people who not only lost their place in society, they also lost their job, family, and friends. In the end, if you continue to line this, your life will be only a few steps away from becoming a wreck.

However, things are different for people who want to change as there are establishments like ours that help people in order to get rid of their addictions. Therefore our mission is to leans a hand to addicts in need and to get their life on the right track. Our Nasha Mukti Kendra In Parwaano has been running for more than a decade treating patients with proper care.

Krish Nasha Mukti Kendra is one of the most respected Nasha Mukti Kendra In Parwaano and we are one of the most successful rehabilitation programs running in the country. We also treat any disorders or illness which is caused due to severe addiction. Krish Nasha Mukti Kendra has the most latest types of equipment in their testing facility to identify any illnesses at an early stage.


We have been in running for all these years, so it's a given that Nasha Mukti Kendra In Patiala has given phenomenal service for all this time. We have a high success rate of rehabilitating our patients and improve their lifestyle. Some of the benefits we offer us mentioned below:-

  • We offer an environment that is suited for rehabilitation.
  • we monitor and observe our patients 24/7.
  • 24×7 Emergency Services
  • We offers rehab plans for patients addicted to harmful drugs like heroin.

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We have confidence in giving the most ideal consideration to all our current patients and welcome new patients for treatment